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Styling and Colouring

Our appearance, impacts our personal and social lives.

At LEOS we understand "A good hair day" has an impact on our positive self esteem. Hair can be altered through cutting, colouring and highlighting controlled by straightening, curling, styling and good products. Beautifully cut and shiny conditioned hair is A first to start you on the way to looking and feeling great.

Cash and cheque are accepted only.

Please note that Leos will require a £30 deposit against all new clients booking tint/Foils.

Deposits for appointments cancelled will be non – refundable regardless of whether a replacement booking is made.

All clients must have an up to date skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to any colouring services.

Leos - Swindon Salon


SMARTBOND is a NEW protective and strengthening service, specifically designed from L'OREAL.

SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair, during technical services such as bleach and hair colour.

The system consists of 3 components. The 1 plus 2 being used at Leos, the 3rd to buy and take home, if you desire.


To be put into colour or bleach max . BOND protecting and strengthening action,during technical services.


10 min treatment helping rinsing off all chemical residues, breaking weak bonds.


Home treatment, so you can keep the outstanding salon result.

Leos - Swindon Salon

Hair as you can see, has multi-tone throughout.

Using L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL, to create a beautiful sun kissed look.

SMARTBOND was used in hair colour and bleach max. Leaving our clients hair beautifully shiny, soft and naturally weightless.

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Children's Hair

Girls aged 7 years and under, Tuesdays to Thursday discounted price, student 10% off normal price list.

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OAP Ladies Hair

Discounted Tuesday to Thursday. on certain treatments check our price list in the salon.

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2016 perms are making a comeback!

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Other services

Conditioning treatment with 10 minute head massage.

The condition of your hair is a great start. Improving conditioning and shine. And not forgetting a beautiful 10 minute head massage while waiting.

Please confirm if this is required at time of booking.

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